Welcome on Bingaloo Network!

Bingaloo is a new brand for kids. You can find movies, original cartoons, award shows, unique products and so much more. You can even visit our centre to meet with others and we can´t forget about our BingalooStars. You can meet them and take a sneak peek in their life. You can find almost everything on our Bingaloo website and Youtube channel. And besides all of that, you´ll get an exclusive access to our original series and fun Bingaloo recipes, DIY projects, how-toes. Are you ready for a true experience? Join the fun!


With connecting children of the same age, use for interesting TV content and familiar faces, we will spread and keep our recognisability as on home ground as in foreign, international ground.



Create a social centere, where children can hang and have fun and to create a TV house with content which will attract people from around the world and with that share our work to the general public.