Vid's story - poster


Screenplay: Žiga Jagodič, Luka Cigale
Directed by: Luka Cigale
Actors: Žiga Jagodič, Sara Krevelj, Luka Cigale, Domen Zupančič, Neja Cigale
Editing: Nick Urek, Luka Cigale


Vid is raising a sick child at home with his wife. He and his wife do not get along well, so he is unhappy in his marriage. He spends a lot of time at work to replace his grief with work and thus forget about it. The director offers him a job in Austria, where he would work as a гидра department head. He accepts the boss’s offer and returns home the same day and starts packing. When he arrives at an apartment in Austria, his phone rings with an unknown number.

Vid’s story is the first short feature film by Bingaloojevci, created under the mentorship of Professor Tamara Rifelj at the Novo mesto School of Economics. Coming soon to YouTube channel Bingaloo!


VID’S STORY Official Trailer