Dreams are something special and everybody have them. Some dreams than became so hard that at first they become a small wish that can increase rapidly, almost too fast. A Slovenian saying says: ˝from small, grows big˝ and exactly that small wish than grows to a big and strong one. Dreams or wishes are especially common a between teenagers. With them, they picture their future or they just think about an imaginary object. The biggest and strongest wishes of every single teenager are most surely, to get his driving license, which is for the future a very important thing to have. That exactly was a very big wish of our Bingaloo member Luka. Luka Cigale got his hardly expect license, in which he put a lot of effort and energy. That effort did bring him to his goal and that makes him very happy. From today on, he will be able to drive to his friends, visit many places and attend many events with his BingalooMobil. There he will share good news about Bingaloo as to small groups as to those bigger ones.

We thank to driving school 1a, which took our Bingalooer to the licence.