Bingaloo keeps a lot of attention on keeping your personal information safe. Privacy policy edits a way of treating information that Bingaloo tracks and collects during your visit on our site. Data processing takes place in accordance with the law.

Legal entity responsible for data processing: Bingaloo, Ulica talcev 3a, 8000 Novo mesto

Legally entity responsible for data protection: Luka Cigale,



Personal data is all data that identifies you (for example a name, address, email…) Bingaloo doesn’t collect your personal data unless you confirm or if you sent us your data (play contests, commenting registrations, sending additional questions via form or email) and you consistent with its use in cases described below.



Bingaloo will use your data for technical needs of managing websites, analysing your preferences, sending news and for sending general or adjusted offers. With the purpose that you have access to special informations and for us to communicate with you, your data will be also available to our contractual partners. This will also be clearly seen on agreement, but explicitly for the use that this data were collected for. Bingaloo suggests to all parents and guardians of children for a safe way to use the internet and heedful use of personal data. Our services are not available for people of age 16 or under, but with data that users send us we can’t know if data alludes to a person of restricted age. That’s why we highly recommend that parents teach children responsible use of personal data on the internet.



Our web services are using cookies. Cookies are small documents, that are sometimes saved on your hard disk And enable our websites to recognise your computer when you are again coming on our website that our websites can collect and save technical data, like cookies IP address of the user or visitor, Sort of device, web browser and similar, but don’t identify the user.

Cookies are kept for analytical and statistical intention and for working off the web page and improving users report not cookies can be permanent and stay on the users device also after leaving the website, or temporary that are kept only during your visit.

Third person cookies are only used for collecting statistical data about our website attendance.

Depending on your browser settings, cookies can be accepted automatically. If you don’t agree with cookies use, you can always delete them or permanently turn them off on your device.

More information about managing cookies you can find on sites of browsers that you use. Where I am phis, that the purpose of cookies is improving of users experience and the use of our website overall, that’s why disabling cookies or is delete disables working of some functionalities of the websites and causes, that will also be different by the look.



If you explicitly confirmed, we send you our news in the newsletter form, but also means that we send you contents of commercial interest. Data that you send us will only be used with this purpose. If you don’t want to receive the newsletter anymore, you can always log out with a link, there is in the newsletter not in that case we’ll stop processing your data.

Purpose of sending the news is urgent because of our legitimacy interests, that’s why you are not duty-bounded or/and have to accept that you receive them. Legal matter is your acceptance (6. point of “Uredba o varstvu osebnih podatkov”). Without your approval we won’t send you the newsletter.

In case that our business partner sends you his newsletter, that means that he has legal right for accessing and processing your personal data. We inform you that our business partner keeps your data safe with responsible acting and highest technical and organisational handling. Our business partner cannot use your data for any other use.



Bingaloo is giving a lot for the safety of your data and its processing adjusted to legal matters (GDPR). Your data are protected from loos, destroyment, manipulation, unauthorised use and unauthorised download. Our employees and coworkers have to respect the trust of your personal data. Bingaloo uses the most modern technical and organisational ways of protection for the safety of your data.



We’ll be saving your data for 5 years, with exception of data that legal rights are saying are different. Your data for use of direct marketing on foundation of legitimate interest, are kept for 5 years from expiration of contract relation, users data 5 years from its acquisition, with exemption of the ones for longer time. We’ll keep your data for longer term as recommended by the deadline, if you approve usage of your data, until your cancellation of use.



User decides which data he will allow Bingaloo to use. In case of any change in the data we please you to inform us about that on our email, so we correct your data and keep it updated.

With that we inform you that you have every right to put your consent away at any time. About that change please inform us on With the day of receiving your statement, with which you remove your agreement for personal data use, your data will not be processed any more. Every previous procedure is keeping legal standing, regardless of the statement.

The users also have the right to look into the data which Bingaloo keeps, the right to change the data, delete the data, limit the processing of the data, right to download the data and right to object in accordance with validate regulations.

In case you decide that you don’t want to share your personal data, maybe you will not be able to access some parts of our website.



We warn you that some data (like the kind of browser, number of visits, the time you spent on our website and similar) are processed automatically when you visit the website of Bingaloo company. Mentioned data are processed for the rate of visits on our website. The user has the right to decline that kind of processing, except if it is necessary for making contracts with the user and Bingaloo company, in accordance with the law of Republic of Slovenia and European Union or it is based on explicit acceptance by the user.



This statement about privacy is also referred on websites that are in charge by Bingaloo. Those websites could be connected with websites of other issuers. Our statement does not refer to them. When you leave our websites, check statements about privacy on every one that collects data.



Every change of our policy about protecting privacy will be published by this statement on our main pages of our websites and other places that are accrued for that.

If you have any kind of question about the statement of privacy please contact us on