On Thursday, 8.7.2021, three of the Bingalooers went on a Safe driving exam, after the matura exam.

In early morning hours Bingalooers Luka (Cili), Luka (Pili) in Žiga started their route to Celje. At 6 o’clock they started in Krško and drove towards their destination. Because a coffee stop was a must we came a bit late, but we did not miss much.

After the introductory lecture we went on course everyone with their BingalooMobil. There we were driving slalom, decelerated on a dry and wet course, drove into the turn with unsettled speed and all kinds of exercises. After that, the practical part was finished and we went for a break and then back to the lecture room where we also finished our safe driving exam.

Then we made a stop at Oštarija in CityCenter Celje and ate pizza and burgers. With full stomachs and a little tired we drove back to Krško, where we went separate ways. Žiga and Luka (Pili) went back home, unlike Luka (Cili) who went back to camping.