As we have already mentioned, we have been planning new adventures and here is the first one. Žiga, Luka (Cili) and Luka (Pili) went on a trip to Kranj on Tuesday, 29.6.2021.

We arranged to meet at 10 o’clock at the parking lot. All three came earlier, surprisingly also Cili, who is always late. We went to Tus for drings and snacks and then drove towards Gorenjska with BingalooMobil. We made a stop in Begunje na Gorenjskem and went to see cows and on a small walk. Our way led us to Bled. There we were walking by the lake, took some photos and were fascinated of the beautiful nature. Because we went by the sign for summer tobogganing this seemed a great idea for our next stop. Cili and Pili went twice down the hill and then we went for a quick visit to Cili’s relatives who live on Bled and then went to grab some food for our hungry stomachs. Because we had some time left, we made a stop at Park Brdo which we were looking just from the outside because we figured out that we would need more time than we had.

The hour of our movie, which we wanted to see at Cineplexx Kranj was coming closer so we went towards the cinema. We bought our tickets and made a quick stop at the furniture stop and we were lost in such a big shop and because you can’t go to the cinema without popcorn and nachos we missed a bit of the movie.

After a great movie a long way home was ahead of us and during our ride, BingalooMobil was in need of some extra gas so after a quick stop and then went towards home for real. Tired and also ready for new adventures which summer will bring to us.