Bingalooers have been shining in the gleam of headlights on the past Friday. We watched an episode of Slovenia’s Got Talent, live!

On Friday, 10.9., Cili, Pili, Žiži and Domen went towards Ljubljana. At 11.30 we met in Novo mesto and you will not believe who was late again. Yes, you are right – Cili!

When we came to Ljubljana, the POP TV team organised testing on Covid. Because we had some time left, we bought some snacks in the shop and then drove towards Ljubljana Mosque. In the park there we ate (on the grass) our meal and then soon went back to the studio, because our set started at 2 PM. At our arrival, the recording team sat us in the first row, so we were really in the center of attention. We enjoyed in many excellent and also not so excellent talents. We also went on the stage during one of the sets and we certainly did not expect that.

After almost seven hours of shooting Slovenia’s Got Talent we came to the end of the show and because there was some time and energy left we went towards Ljubljana´s centre, took a walk, ate a burger in the restaurant Hoodburger and then took the road towards home