After a long time, you hear from us again. We finished our matura exam and we afforded a well deserved “weekend free”, which we spent on Kolpa river.

Žiga and Luka (Cili) went on weekend vacations to Diana (Didi), on Saturday, 26.6.2021. We arranged to meet at noon at her house. Žiga came only 4 minutes past noon, Cili on the other site was late as usual and came at 12.14. There we had an abundant lunch – pasta with meat. After lunch we drove with BingalooMobil Clio to the nearby hill, called Kozice, from where there is a nice view on Poljanska dolina by Kolpa river. After enjoying the views of Poljanska dolina we dressed in swimsuits, took our towels and went to the beach by the Kolpa river. We left our towels there, put on some sunscreen and jumped to a refreshing Kolpa. To refresh even more, we brought cooled cocktails, which were of course without alcohol for our drivers that always has to have 0,0‰ in blood. We also played Enka. After swimming we drove to the diner in Kot, where we ordered fried chicken and fries. With full stomachs we went to the field and put up the net for volleyball. We played a few games and then after a long day, jumped in bed and fell asleep.

On sunday, after we spent the morning in bed, we ate our lunch and right after that the only missing member Luka (Pili) has joined us, who was also on vacation in Moravske Toplice, right before that. Together we went to Kolpa. Because it was already hot, a jump in Kolpa was a must. From that on there was a lot of tanning, playing Enka, relaxing by music and mostly laughing, when we Bingalooers were finally able to enjoy. We were also planning our next trip. When the sun was leaving our beach, we followed the sun as they say and found it in Kot where we swimmed again and laughed a lot. We took some group photos and very hungry went to the diner for excellent “dunajc” with fries again. The day was already coming to an end and we had to say goodbye, because two of the Bingalooers had a long drive home. One behind the other, BingalooMobils were driving home, nicely tired, full of new experiences and ready for new adventures.