On Friday the 4th of September, Bingalooers Luka and Luka went on a trip to Velika Planina.

When after a long wait in school the bell finally rang 13 it was time for leaving. Last gas filling and BingalooMobil was ready to hit the road. After a two-hour ride they finally came to Kamnik where they bought everything needed for survival. At about 4 PM they finally reached the destination and received the keys of their glamping house in Slovenia Eco Resort under Velika Planina. When they unpacked and ate lunch, it was time for a power nap. After the plan for the next day was made they were headed to the source of Kamniška Bistrica, made some nice photos and hit the road again. The road lead them to Tunjice where they admired the view and figured out that their stomachs are calling for a new dose of food. Burgers at 7 Burger were a great choice. Full, they headed back to their temporary home, watched a movie and went in to the world of dreams, heading to a new day.

The nearest church hit the 8 hour, our Bingalooers were already eating breakfast and with new powers heading to gondola stop where they left their BingalooMobil, changed into hiking clothes, bought tickets and rode all the way to the top of Velika Planina. After some pictures from the top, little cows came in order. They were not excited with Bingalooers stroking them. They were exploring ˝vetrnica˝ in which there were any snow. After a few hours of walk, the stomach called again and they filled it with great cottage cheese strukelj. It was time for heading down the hill. Their way continued to Orglice waterfall. After a long fay and walking under the sun, the trip was really exhausting but they made it. Bingalooers refreshed them with cold water from the source and headed back home. After showering, they decided for dinner that is a bit more sophisticated and hit the road for half an hour to Hotemaže to the well-known Kruhkerija Gorjanc. They ate some very good bread and headed back to Kamnik. Even though it was not so late, they came to the house exhausted and soon they fell asleep, full of new memories and excitement.

And it was already Sunday and time for them to go back home. After breakfast, BingalooMobil was already filled with stuff and ready to hit the road. Bingalooers made a stop at castle Kamnik, viewed the city from the air, and then headed to the capital city Ljubljana. It was time for shopping. After taking turns around the shops, they made a stop for lunch and decided to watch a movie in Kolosej. After a really great movie, it was for real time to head back home. BingalooMobil was racing to home and brought them safely. After weekend full of adventures and laugh it was time to come back to reality.

Until next time! ❤️