Bingalooers don’t rest. Last weekend Cili and Pili went on a weekend trip to Soča.

On Friday at 11 AM it was time for leaving. At Pili´s they loaded all needed equipment for camping and went towards the gas station where they filled up the gas, bought a vignette and then hit the road, because a long drive was ahead of them. Because hunger does not rest, the first stop was already in Ljubljana and then for real towards the destination. The first longer stop was in Tolmin where they visited a confluence of rivers Soča and Tolminka. By the walk they enjoyed a beautiful view and then drove towards Kobarid and the waterfall Kozjak. There it was already time for a speedy finding of a camp for sleep. In approximately 10th try they found a place in Camp Rut, a little out of Kobarid. Because the sun was already setting it was time for a speed up and set up the tent before it got dark. Following was a jump to the shop to buy something so that our Bingalooers will not be hungry. After the first meal there were some preparations for the night and soon Cili and Pili fell asleep after a busy day.

The next day they woke up into  a cold morning and prepared breakfast. Then it was time to make a plan for the upcoming day. First on the list was Kostninca with the church of St Anton, from which there was a beautiful view of Kobarid. Because the day was very short, they followed the road towards the waterfall Krampež, searched the surroundings and took some beautiful pictures. While driving back they saw a sign for a cheese factory and because both of them are cheese lovers that was a must stop. The next on the list was Bovec where they made lunch with fresh cheese and bread. After eating the time was almost 5 PM which was also the time of the scheduled Zipline termin. Kind guides equipped them with everything needed and then they went towards the starting point with all-terrain vehicles. First they needed to do a quick test so they prepared them for the main descent. On five wires, where the speed reaches up to 70 km/h you really do charge your batteries. At the end the all-terrains were already for us to drive back to the city. From there they went back to Kobarid and by the road they made a stop by the Boka waterfall. After they arrived in the camp they cooked macaroni with tonno in cream sauce and after the whole day, a warm meal was very much appreciated. Then they watched the movie Bumblebee and went to bed.

After breakfast Cili and Pili spent some time in the camp and then it was already time to undo the tent. Again they went towards Bovec, this time to Camp Liza where they left the car and went to the beach. Cili was brave enough to jump in the cold Soča. Stomachs were empty again so they bought salted pancakes. They went on and the next stop was Fort Kluže. Along the road they saw an abandoned house and because we love that the most they took a walk towards it. Next stop was by Great gorge of Soča, by which they took a walk and enjoyed the beautiful views of Soča and then hit the road towards Vršič pass. On the top of the pass they made a stop for a coffee in the cabin on 1600 meters above sea and then because it was really late went down. At the arrival in Kranjska Gora they took a picture next to the capricorn by the lake Jasna and then left Gorenjska. In Ljubljana it was again time for a stop in McDonald’s. The only upcoming stop was to fill up the gas again and then in late hours they finally arrived at home.