Finally we went on our first sea trip together. After a short night, the 4 AM alarm rang and it was time for Bingalooers Pili, Cili and Žiži to hit the road. At 5 AM we went towards Predgrad where we picked up our last traveller – Didi. With a fully loaded car we drove through the border. Because it was still early, we made a stop at one of the resting places, drank our coffee and then finally drove towards the sea. At our arrival in Crikvenica we accommodated ourselves for seven days in an apartment Lisinski. We went for a walk and discovered a little bit of our surroundings and the center of the city. When we came into our apartment we had to unpack our things and buy some food at the nearby shop. When we finally managed to unfreeze the meatballs, we ate our “lunch”, even tho it was more of a dinner. The next on the menu was a long expected first jump in the sea. We watched the movie Bad boys for life while enjoying homemade dried meats. At the end, the movie watched us more than we watched it.

After the first night we refreshed with a good morning coffee and made a plan for the upcoming day, After a quick jump in the sea and a little bit of sun tanning, we ate the lunch and hit the road towards the island Krk, more precisely towards the city Malinska where we visited an abandoned Hotel Palace in Haludovo. We did not and did not find the end of the amazing hotel. While exploring we made some amazing photos, but because we were being caught by night we had to return back to our apartment.

After breakfast we went on traditional swimming and suntanning. At the return to the apartment we played Monopoly and Activity and set ourselves up for cooking lunch. The next on the menu were some picture editing and then again a jump in the sea. In the evening we drove towards the center of Crikvenica, where we ate our dinner (Wiener Schnitzel and cevapcici) and then also the ice cream. After the walk to the church “Bimbam”, we drove back home. Didi had already gone to bed, while the other three were not nearly asleep so they decided to play games which lasted long into the night.

We finally ate our breakfast at 11 AM because the night was very short and due to bad weather we decided to stay in the apartment – board games time! After lunch we watched the first part of the Harry Potter saga and in this time also the weather cleared so we were finally able to go to the beach. In the evening we learned how to play a board game called Catan and then went night swimming.

Activity became our permanent practice after breakfast, almost more than the jump in the sea, even tho we pulled also this part around noon. After lunch we watched the first two parts of Despicable me and then returned to the beach. Towards the evening we played some games, went for pizza, watched another part of Harry Potter and then went to bed.

After a long morning we went to the beach. We stayed there for just an hour, because it was too hot for sun tanning. After lunch we had an afternoon nap, Pili, Cili and Žiži decided for another visit to the hotel Haludovo and that was definitely the right choice because we found a bunch of new rooms. We enjoyed the sunset on the terrace of the hotel and then walked to the car, changed into swimming suits and cooled down in the sea. We visited the center of Malinska, walked by the sea, visited the lunapark and then hungry went to the pizzeria. After dinner we drove towards home. played another game of Catan and then finally fell asleep.

And here it was already, our next to last day. Right after breakfast we went to the beach and then back to the apartment just because it was time for lunch but we had to go to the shop to buy the supplements for our grill lunch. Masterchef Žiži handed over his hat to Didi, why, we will let it remain a secret. Then we watched the last part of Despicable me and went back to the beach, where we swam and played Uno. We decided for another visit to the center to buy souvenirs. At our arrival back to the apartment it was already time for packing.

And we came to the end. After speedy packing and cleaning of the apartment we drove from Crikvenica. Our first stop was in Jadranovo, then in Kraljevica, Njivice, but because of the amount of people we went on. Then the decision fell, so we went towards hotel Haludovo for the third time, but this time just on the beach. At 5 PM it was time for our leave, we all a little tired, went towards the car, changed back and hit the road. Without any problems we returned back to Slovenia and in the late evening hours all four Bingalooers have safely, happy and full of new memories, returned back home and ready for new adventures.